söndag, september 17, 2006

Vatican 060916 

Regarding: Pope Benedict XVI's Regensburg Address

Pope Benedict XVI's correct citatory announcement that the Islamic prophet Mohammed brought the world more evil and that Islamic Jihad is inhuman does in no way require an apology. The Pope’s enlightened statements are truthful and attest to a good understanding of Islam. The Pope exhibits courage and wisdom by rejecting islamic violence in particular. While comments on Islam could rightfully have argued that Islam is evil by nature, Pope Benedict XVI instead chose a path of respect for Islam. The Pope should neither be pressured by the Vatican, nor by any political or media powers, nor by Islamists to retract from any part of his valiant statements.

The God of our universe loves muslims, but Islam is evil. The pseudo-prophed Mohammed can save no-one, but Jesus Christ can save anyone. Salvation and eternal life through God's grace in Jesus Christ is available for all muslims.

Torsten Nenzén

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